the mother of the bride's toast


I never noticed, until recently, that at a wedding the mother of the bride really doesn't have a formal slot for a toast.  The father of the bride welcomes everyone at the reception.  The parents of the groom get to talk the night before.  The maid of honor and best man speak at dinner.  Even friends and aunts speak at the rehearsal dinner and sometimes the bride and groom say thanks at the cake cutting...but, what about the mother of the bride? The one who raised the bride and probably planned half the wedding...when does she get to say anything in the formal toast line up?


I recently photographed a moment that made me tear up.  Keena's mom Sibley gave a toast to her daughter right before she put her dress on.  She talked about what what her daughter meant to her, shared a few memories of her growing up, expressed how proud she was of her daughter and what a special day it was to her.  And it was all a surprise to the bride. It was so special, such an intimate, appropriate moment to say all of this. I loved that the mother of the bride got to give her toast. What a lovely idea.