reflecting on wedding trends


I'm starting to see a shift in weddings.  It's happening slowly.  The fall of Style Me Pretty gave us a hint that the market has become saturated with everyone doing the exact same wedding. I feel very lucky that I have some really forward thinking clients doing different and cool events. Here are my predictions and also what I'm seeing out in the field:

I think weddings are going back to being less about stuff, 'details' and perfection, and more about experiences, family and raw beauty.  From weddings at country clubs to a backyards to summer camps, I see ALL of my clients focusing on welcoming guests and not 'Pinteresting' out their wedding. 

I see a lot of wedding happening in unique venues, like warehouses and loading docks, and also to venues personal to the bride and groom, especially at private homes, no matter how far off the beaten path they are. 

I'm seeing a lot of ceremonies at very old churches and in raw, pop up spaces. 

I see couples throwing big weekend experiences that last a few days. 

I think welcome bags will still rein.  Menus will matter more.  Sophisticated drinks. 

I see fashion becoming more of a splurge, and by fashion I mean thoughtfully chosen, unique clothing instead of just whatever the bridal shop is selling.  

I think the new color palette is eclecticism, color and coordination versus matching.

I like the idea of children as bridal parties, like the royal wedding.  

I love a shift back to moments, an unforgettable party and a personal setting to celebrate with the people you love.  I'm inspired when people think outside the box, using who they are as a starting point.