thank you Alison

I save all my thank you notes from clients, but Alison’s I framed.

As you know, I was extremely concerned about how I would look due to the effects of Chemo, that I wouldn’t be able to look as I had always hoped I would on my wedding day. Kate, I have never felt more beautiful than when I look at your photos. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
— Alison, bride

As a photographer, I was proud. As a woman, I framed it as a reminder of what true beauty is, for being happy with what you have, comfortable with who you are here and now. And for how gracious, resilient and joyful she was after beating breast cancer just a few months before. Alison inspires me as so many of my clients do.

Life doesn't always turn out as you expect, but when it hands you lemons, make an 8-tiered lemon elderflower cream frosting wedding cake and have the best day of your life.